Pike Lake Fun Days

Join us Sunday, September 1, for the 34th Annual Pike Lake Fun Days celebration and fundraiser for our awesome, all-volunteer fire department!

There will be hourly raffles, great prizes, music after 6.30p, kids games, a horseshoe tournament, awesome food & refreshments, fireworks, &, of course, loads of FUN!

Ed and I will be manning the Kids' Games again this year (marking our One Year Anniversary living in the area!), and of course there will be some fun Moose Jaw & Woods Edge goods and gift certificates raffled off!

If you're in the area for Labor Day weekend, please join us at this important and incredibly fun event! Proceeds go to fund the Pike Lake Fire Department (did we mention they're all volunteers??) for the year, so you can have an awesome time and feel good about every minute of it! :)